Bradley Secker
Syrian Nakba / Keys of Home
The project exhibits front door keys to the homes of some of the estimated 9 million Syrians forced to leave everything behing, displaced internally and internationally due to ongoing violence, political instability, fear, and lack of amenities.
They are images of hope, remembrance, and recognition. Each person has their own tale of despair, and their own fond memories of home.
All images were shot in Turkey, in the cities of: Istanbul, Kilis, Antakya, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep, Reyhanlı, and Islahiye refugee camp.
Many of those photographed for this series told that, they keep their key despite knowing that their home no longer exists.
The British photographer, Bradley Secker, lives in in Istanbul, Turkey since January 2012.
Bradley, who is a freelance photojournalist focusing on the consequences of social, political, and military actions worldwide with a key focus on individual identity, spent previous years working and roaming South Asia and the Middle East.
His long-term personal work has focused on identity issues, such as the on-going Kütmaan series on LGBT asylum seekers in the Middle East. Other work documents the plight of irregular migrants as they enter the European Union, and cultural stories in and around Turkey.
Alongside documentary photography, Bradley has also worked extensively with the Indian film industry, working as a set photographer and videographer for numerous successful Bollywood productions around the world.