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Kürşad Bayhan
Water Bottles
In 2014, ISIS had conducted attacks in many cities of Iraq and Syria. Iraq’s Sinjar and Syria’s Kobane were two of these.
When ISIS attacked and took the control of Sinjar, the lives of the people changed significantly. ISIS killed hundreds of Yazidis and kidnapped many women as female slaves. The ones, who were lucky to run away, sheltered in the mountains nearby Sinjar almost without any supply. They struggled with hunger and thirst for days there. After days with starvation, some Yazidis tried to leave the mountains with the help of security corridor under difficult conditions.
The water bottles partaking in the project, belong to the families who were able to run away, who could take refuge in Turkey and some secure parts of Iraq or settled in tents or their relatives’ houses…
He was born in Malatya in 1981. He graduated Department of Communication and Journalism at Marmara University in 2003. His first book “Away From Home” published in 2013. “Away From Home” selected to best photobooks of 2013 by Time Magazine Editors and selected to best photobooks of the year at PDN.
He got the Grand Asian Photographer award from Photocity Sagamihara with the same book project in 2013. He has been selected to British Journal of Photography Ones to Watch Issue. With his project “Flight of the Yazidis”, he got the Grand Jury Prize of Japan International Photo Awards.
He works for Zaman Newspaper since 2003 and lives in İstanbul.