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Stanley Greene
Chalk Lines – 1993/2008
I am from a generation of Freelance Photographers who are disappearing, but have lived a mystical life: The only thing I can bring to a workshop is the 30 years of shooting. I am not of the digital school of today’s of digital warriors, though I –like most of us – adjusted myself of the realities of today, and photography still deals with the same concerns, especially in photojournalism, to analyse, the importance of doing the untold stories and getting into places that viewers do not even know are happening or even getting to the narrow of the back story, the true meat and heart of it, the stories that are after the big story has died down, again back to the unseen stories.
Biography :
American photojournalist Stanley Greene has documented conflict, violence and human disasters across the world for over 25 years. He has recieved many accolades for his work, and his images have shone light into some of the world’s darkest conflicts.