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Meltem Işık
Statement: Twice Into The stream
Twice into the stream can be thought as an inquiry into the way we see and perceive the human body. The complexity that originates from the capability of our bodies to see and be seen simultaneously, provides the basis of the work that I construct using different view points. Although the series took its final shape as a photographic installation, my process is closely akin to sculpture and performance. To me, these are living, breathing, transient, three-dimensional pieces that I photograph for documentation. The work started forming around the impossibility of seeing oneself as a complete figure without the help of external devices. What we can see with our bare eyes is a headless body, a restricted view of what is below the neck, with the extended difficulty of seeing our back. Observing the bodies of other people, offers me a possibility to reflect on the way I see and relate to my own body, which I can never see as a whole.
Meltem Işık was born in Ankara. She received her B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Bilkent University, Ankara, and her A.A.S. in Jewelry Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. In 2011, Işık received her M.A. from the Department of Visual Arts at Sabancı University, Istanbul.
She had two solo exhibitions at Galeri Nev Istanbul, Twice into the stream (2012) and Suspicious affinities (2015). Works by the artist have been the subject of international art fairs and group shows including Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair (2012) and Borders Orbits 09 organized by Siemens Sanat (2011).
Meltem Işık lives and works in Istanbul.