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James Hughes
“Just as they are?” Other identities made visible within Istanbul
My objective within the related theme of “The Lives of Others” is to explore ‘other’s within a context of fluid identities within an Istanbulian/Global society, using both a personal and metaphorical poetic within a social realist methodology of photography. To demonstrate how ‘other’ identities could be reflected through the unspectacular photographed and made visible through using identities, environments and objects as subjects.
I also have presented the work as diptychs chosen to demonstrate the subconscious aspects role in the hope that it may help define a new way of seeing through the eyes of ‘other’s.
James Hughes is a Northern Irish artist whose practice in the photographic style of realism ranges from social documentary to fine art photography.
First photographic experience was of a childhood spent using a box brownie (made by his mother when she worked for Kodak). Self-taught through the influence of late 20th century photography and literature, influences which he continues to link through practice to date. James has an extensive background of research in photography (MPhil) and lectures worldwide at various universities. A celebrated photographer with many exhibitions and awards.
His work is represented internationally in museums and galleries while he continues to pursue his personal career and passion through contemporary photography and art.