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The Everyday Projects
The Everyday Projects were born in Africa. In early 2012 photographer Peter DiCampo and writer Austin Merrill were in Ivory Coast to explore the country’s attempts to emerge from a decade of conflict. The two had lived and worked in the region for several years, and had become frustrated with the widely held perceptions of the continent—a collection of stereotypes that were encouraged by the media.
Interested in a more representative narrative, they stopped focusing on the extremes, and turned instead to moments that were more familiar moments that better illustrated normal life. They photographed the everyday with their mobile phones, and eventually invited other photographers in Africa to join them, using a shared Instagram account called @everydayafrica.
The Everyday concept has become a global movement. In 2014 photographers around the world began to adopt to the idea, launching their own Everyday feeds in their own regions. The Everyday Projects (everydayeverywhere.org) were launched in September 2014 as a collaboration of storytellers with a shared mission, and began growing rapidly. Together, the Everyday Projects enrich our understanding of people and places. They change the way we see our own communities and those we may not know. They celebrate the local storyteller, and they encourage the participation of all.
FotoIstanbul hosts multiple Everyday projects coming together as a tribute to our global community for the second time.