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Erdem Varol
Free Fall
Ransacked cities, imprisoned animals, socially arabesque attitudes, profound periods, long walks, Generation Y, railroads, hunters and gatherers, cigarette butts, sewer rats, modern slaves, flea market, noisy streets, landlocked cities, modern wonders, plastic animals, 1984 paranoia, antennae dishes, cranking arms, white horses, wet fists, missed calls, abandoned stories and rotation of the Earth.
Free Fall is the timestamp and pulmonary X-ray of the time I inhabit. The life that has been expropriated from us, the moulds into which are forced, the slavery repackaged as civilisation, transparent boundaries, modern nightmares, emasculated people, sweet nothings, tribes, Generation X, cables, militias, street urchins, a world of tall men and gazing at skyscrapers. Free Fall is the manifestation of the world of humans, other animals and inanimate entities.
Born in ─░stanbul in 1988, Erdem Varol rediscovered photography as a method of narrative. In 2013, Varol and friends founded the collective, Mahzen Photos, following the idea of a commune of productive sharing and solidarity. The artist continues his individual and collective works.